Friday, 15 January 2010

Release Me

This is my Trinth LP

Origionally 20 tracks, but filtered down to make it better, thanks to Mr Nonima

Its a very harsh sound, well so I think.

I was in a bad state of mind and exploring the boundries of noise that I could make with Swin when I made it.

Not putting down Section 27 in any way at all, they had so many amazing releases to get through before, and it would have been out of i had sent him it earlier, and he was backed up already, so it was going to be a late album.

So it was my fault for not sending it as early to be honest.

Albeit the origional trach listing as I said was 20, shortened down to 15 to give it a better feeling.

The tracks that were not included will be re-named and re-released in due course by myself as its own ep.

Thanks again to Section 27 for releasing this album.

Section 27 describe this release as follows;

"First release on S27 from Swin Deorin, this LP captures the atmosphere of abandoned industry long forgotten. With its metallic dust soundscapes, leaky taps, harsh steel scrapes and the whirring of far away generators each track reflects the inner workings of rusted machinery, steam pipes, electric pulses and reactors going into meltdown."

Very lovely words from the guys over at section, i shall be releasing alot more material through them, if they agree that this album does well.

Link is below.


you can listen before you download..

check the 1st blog for a list of the other releases.

More releases to come guys!

Stay tuned!

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