Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Long overdue update

Pretty much forgot this existed for a while.
Things for me went from good to amazing to the worst I have been to back up and around again. the last thing on here was my Kiptd Krikle EP that was put out back in 2010..
So how am I going to tell you what's being on with me?
Search Swin Deorin on google and you'll find a lot of material.
With the Kiptd Krikle EP the message on the page is;
 "I was once known as Silent Snow & Dj Lohphlo. Now I have my own space and time with Swin Deorin. Silent Snow, Dj Lohphlo, Drekx Umralho Bash Nova & Krae Dui are no more. This is a final realization where one project is enough. All unreleased music through previous monakers will now be re-edited as Swin Deorin

 Thanks for reading


Now... If you follow me on the internet you'll know I am not one to stay true to such things as being a one project guy.
Drekx Umralho Bash Nova is now just Bash Nova, Krae Dui never became anything but Bash Nova I guess is what I was wanting out of Krae Dui in the long run if you ask me.
Dj Lohphlo was Silent Snow and is and forevermore will be Swin Deorin.

But there are 2 new ones to add to the regime of such musical matters.
First off we have a guitar project called Icolmkill.
Secondly we have a noise project called Shooting Birds Out The Sky.
Each of whom are their own entities within myself as much as Swin and Bash are.

 Lets get down to it, shall we? Around 2010 I had an almighty crash of my external hard-drive where everything was. To this exact moment in time it has not been fixed and everything is still on it, but untouchable.
I lost over 21 or more unreleased albums that I had made during my time making electronic music.
I did post on my last update that; 
"A Kind Of Painless Skin stuff was found earlier this month. Will be self-released as Swin Deorin. Dj Lohphlo as well shall be re-released as Swin Deorin."
If things do get sorted on that, they will not be rushed, they will be filtered through with a fine comb and packaged as "unreleased" volumes from a time when I was making stuff all damn day.
As for releases of albums and the likes, I have put out probably over 25 albums (eps and collections of things known as lps) as Swin Deorin in all, not including tracks on compilations or the likes...
If you read all that you're probably wondering why im telling you all this...

it's 'cus I can...



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